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Journal Challenge # 1 Food, Foreign and Familiar

Since being in Hong Kong I've noticed foods that I didn't think were possible to eat, some of which were very odd. As I was walking down a aisle in the market I came across dried foods. I am normally okay with dried fruits, but I noticed they sell dried insects and other stuff I couldn't identify. I was always curious what dried cricket tasted like, but not that curious to the point where I would actually try it. Somehow crickets have a lot of protein. I was very close to purchasing the crickets to try something new, but I couldn't do it. The closest thing to dried 'once living things' was dried fish scales. I am not the biggest fish eater out there but I thought this was the most normal, gross thing to try. I picked the first bag of fish skin I saw. Once I got home and opened the bag, it didn't smell too bad. I was picturing having a huge whiff of fishiness come out of the bag. After inspecting the chip like fish skin, I tasted it and realized it was just like a regular salty airy chip. I figured it would have more a fishy taste but it actually didn't taste too bad. I don't think I'll ever eat them again because I have no need to, but I would recommend my friends to try them to see what they think.

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