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Hong Kong At Night/ Victoria Harbor

I've been in Hong Kong for 7 weeks and I had no clue that there is a laser show every night in Victoria Harbor with the skyscrapers. I walked along the waters edge in Tsim Sha Tsui with my camera as I stopped near an area where everyone was standing. I heard an announcement that the light show will start soon. I basically walked into this without knowing what it was. It was pretty interesting to see the crowd which formed to see this show. I had a great spot on the edge with my tripod and Mark III. The show started at 8 pm exact and lasted for about 15 minutes. The show is called "Symphony of Lights, which goes along with music. The lights and lasers are projected from the buildings across on Hong Kong island/central. There is five major themes during the show; awakening, energy, heritage, partnership, and celebration. I captured many images in which you can see the lasers from tops of buildings.

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