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Macau, Las Vegas of Asia (Journal Entry)

My trip to Macau only lasted 6 or so hours. Unfortunately, the moment I arrived I didn't like it at all. First of all it was SO crowded which was sort of overwhelming for me. The streets were dirty and it smelled really bad in some spots.

Macau was a Portuguese territory so most of the signs are in that language. I have never been to Portugal, but I did notice most streets had European style. If I didn't know about it being a Portuguese territory, I could still tell from the buildings that they were very European influenced.

Macau is also a huge city full of casinos, also known as the Las Vegas of Asia. Of course I wanted to experience this so my friends and I went into a casino. I have been to Las Vegas once but was too young to do any of the things a casino has. Me, being an idiot, of course had to try it here. I only did the slots as it is the easiest thing to do at a casino, but I had no idea how the game worked and what the rules were. I just pressed the buttons hoping I would get lucky. I obviously knew what I was getting into and I regret doing any of it as I lost about 40 US dollars....

I can see how it gets addicting and people have a problem with it. We had to get out of there or else we would have gotten robbed more by the machines. I couldn't take any pictures of the inside of the casino. The place is filled with hundreds of cameras everywhere, with most overlooking the tables where people were playing.

I don't think I ever recommend anyone coming here as there wasn't a whole lot to see, but it was cool to experience a European feel in an Asian country.

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