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Dragon's Back Hike

My friends and I figured it would be a good idea to do another hike while were here. We heard Dragon's back was a good hike with an awesome view...but we didn't realize how packed it would be. The plan was to leave the dorms around 8 and get there by 10. We actually got there around 11:30, with it being almost peak hours for people to hike it. It was crazy packed and there were many traffic jams on the trail. I was surprised at how many people were on it...including a lot of kids and elders.

The view was insanely pretty and the weather was amazing. It was very hot most of the time but when we stopped at some spots there were breezes that felt great. It took about three hours or so for all of us to finish the trail, including stopping for pictures most of the time.

During the last hour of the trail there was a storm cloud close by. We were craving the feeling of a bit of cool rain considering how hot we were. Unfortunately it turned into a downpour the whole last hour of our hike down. We got soaked and our sneakers were destroyed. I also didn't have a waterproof backpack with me which was holding my camera!!! I packed a light rain jacket last minute, which I didn't think I needed at all, so I put that over my backpack.

For our next hike we will for sure be packing better supplies and checking the weather.

Other than that the trail was for sure worth hiking with thousands of people with a heavy downpour to top it off.

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