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Tokyo, Japan

The last trip before finals week, my two friends and I decided Tokyo was a place we must go to before we leave Asia. No visa was required so that was an instant yes. The moment we arrived in the city we figured we shouldn't just go to bed but go out and explore. That night we went to the Robot restaurant in Shinjuku. It is a thing everyone must see before they leave Tokyo. We arrived a little late, as it is a scheduled show, but they still let us in. This show was probably the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. The colors, strobes, music, dancing, etc. was all very overwhelming, in a good way I guess. The women were dressed in crazy outfits and the men as well. There is no way I can describe to someone what it was like. It is something that you sort of have to have witnessed yourself in order to understand my explanation.

On Friday morning we planned a day trip/tour to the area where Mt. Fuji is located. Mt. Fuji, also known as Fujisan, is an active volcano about two hours south west of Tokyo, 60 miles or so. It is located in a national park called Hakone. It is 12,390 feet which is the highest peak in Japan. We took a bus tour and we got out at a few stops to admire the view and take a bunch of pictures. Unfortunately, we only got to the first 'station' located on Mt. Fuji. There are many stations/stops, with all having different elevations, on the mountain in which you can get out and explore but only the first one was open. There was snow and we definitely didn't have the right clothes for it! It was nice to see snow though, especially in Asia. We also experienced having clouds move over us and surrounding us. It was probably the most amazing things I've seen. It instantly got cooler once the clouds rolled over us.

Being in Japan, eating the sushi was obviously a thing everyone must try. The freshness of the tuna was truly amazing. Tuna, (raw) being my favorite fish, I was very happy to have tried it here. I could probably have tuna sushi from here everyday if I could.

The last night we went out and stayed out until 4 am, (and we had to catch a flight at 8:30 am!) We quickly took a nap at the hotel before we left at 5:30. We made the flight just in time, but before we left the city we wanted to witness being at the most busiest crosswalk in the world. Too bad we were there at 4 am, which means there was nobody crossing. It is called Shibuya crossing and there are three crosswalks in this one intersection. Each time the crossing happens, hundreds and hundreds of people are walking towards you. I wish I could have experienced that and taken a video of it. Either way it was cool to see! I took a few videos of the whole trip. Hands down probably the coolest places I've been and I will for sure be going back a lot.

Shibuya Crossing at 3:30 am--not so busy


Robot Show in Shinjuku

A mountain overlooking Mt. Fuji in the distance (Mt. Fuji was covered by clouds so we couldn't see it in the distance on the mountain we were on)

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