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Hong Kong Neon/Journal Challenge #4


All around Kowloon the streets are aligned with neon signs which are mainly meant to advertise stores beneath them. I took a walk around Sham Shui Po one night. This area can be very colorful at night, as the neon signs are all around lining the streets. I noticed there were a lot of signs not lit, but I could tell they were supposed to be bright neon lights. I've looked at past pictures of Sham Shui Po and there were images where all of the neon signs were lit. I wondered why most of the signs I saw that night weren't lit, as it would've made the images more appealing, to me at least.

The images I captured have either a lot of sings lit, or very little. I also noticed how low some of the sings were, as I could touch a few of them, and I am 5'2. The buildings in Sham Shui Po are very old and have a decayed look to them. The signs themselves look decayed as well. The streets in Hong Kong during daytime have a gray look to them. Once nighttime comes around the sidewalks are illuminated from the glow of the signs with saturated hues. It really is cool sight to see. Unfortunately there seems to be a decline in the illumination of them.

I did a little research about locals whom either work or live in the buildings with the signs attached. They seem to have a real love for their sign as they see it everyday. They love the fact that their customers recognize their store because of the sign. On the sad note some of the broken down signs are not being fixed because no one wants to fix them.

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