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Arriving/First weekend

Once I landed in Hong Kong, it was 5 am. Luckily I slept for more than half the 16 hour plane ride. I arrived the 29th, just a few days before school started. I decided to come early to spend the New Years here, and it was possibly the craziest night ever. I spent the night in Central with millions of other people. I had the worst view of the fireworks and it was our fault of not getting towards the water at an earlier time. It was insanely hectic and close to impossible trying to get around, but the experience was for sure worth it.


After the peak, we went to a temple called Man Mo temple which is located on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. It was my first time experiencing this type of worship. There were incense burning the whole time which made it hard to breathe and tolerate the smell. It is known to be the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. The vibrant colors and gold details were truly beautiful.

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